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Intuitive Astrology: Solar Conjunct Eris

Intuitive Astrology: Solar Conjunct Eris


On April 12/13, 2024, the Solar will align with the Goddess planet Eris.

Eris was solely found again in 2005, so its power in astrology may be very new, however as she comes along with the Solar, I believed it was the right time to introduce her.

Eris lives past Pluto and is taken into account a dwarf planet. It’s fascinating to notice that the invention of Eris truly resulted in Pluto being demoted to a dwarf planet too, as each planets had been discovered to be roughly the identical dimension.

Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, whereas Eris can nearly be seen because the Goddess of the Underworld. May her discovery be an indication that we’re paving the way in which for extra stability with regards to female and masculine energies?

Whereas I feel the Goddess of the Underworld can be tile for Eris, she is definitely generally known as the Goddess of Discord and Strife. Her power is similar to that of Pluto as they each carry deeper, darker themes. Each of their energies encourage us to embrace our shadow aspect with the intention to rework it into mild.

Eris in Mythology

In Greek Mythology, Eris was the sister of Mars. Because the God of Battle, Mars was recognized for bringing concern and destruction, however Eris was recognized to amplify this. She took pleasure in creating struggling and her actions led to the beginning of the Trojan Battle.

Eris undoubtedly doesn’t have the best fame, however I’m very conscious that that is partly as a consequence of how girls, even legendary ones, have been introduced by means of the eyes of the patriarchy. Eris can carry discord and strife, however she doesn’t do it for no purpose.

Identical to Pluto, Eris challenges and pushes our buttons when transformation and alter is required. She brings discord solely when she is aware of that it’s time for a higher concord to be born.

Consider an orchestra. As all of them play collectively as one, stunning music will be created. But when one musician begins to play out of time, it creates discord. Now, that musician may very well be taking part in out of time as a result of they haven’t practiced, however it may be as a result of they’re bored and prepared for a brand new problem.

This could occur inside us, too, after we transfer out of alignment with our thoughts, physique, and soul. It may very well be as a result of we have to spend time to reconnect and go inside, however it may be as a result of we’re able to degree up and attain a brand new state of alignment.

Discord enters our lives to information us down this path. It enters our lives so we are able to discover methods to readjust and reprioritize. It both forces us to degree up or guides us to go inside to discover a higher sense of concord and unity.

Eris, the Fearless Warrior

Eris can be a fearless warrior and a insurgent. She has discovered to beat the judgments of others and doesn’t care what others consider her. She goes to do what she feels and what’s proper in her coronary heart, no matter how she could also be perceived.

We are able to embrace Eris’ warrior-like power by letting down our cloak of insecurities and discovering methods to push previous judgment or caring what different folks consider us.

So many people, myself included, have discovered to censor ourselves and to carry again out of concern. However Eris teaches us that we don’t want to try this anymore.

Her discovery has come to remind all of us that our voices need to be heard, and we need to be seen.

Every one among us issues, and every one among us has a narrative to inform and an essence that’s wanted right here on the planet.

The Goddess of Being

Together with being generally known as the Goddess of Discord and Strife, Eris is also referred to as the Goddess of Being.

That is the place we are able to actually begin to perceive the potentials and power that this planet can carry.

Eris’ power is extremely erratic; it brings chaos and stirs issues up. She likes to shake issues and rattle our cages, however it’s by means of this course of that we’re compelled to see issues in another way. It’s by means of this course of that we’re capable of finding a solution to simply be.

When life will get powerful, when so many issues are altering and ebbing and flowing round us, we fairly often don’t have any different alternative than to give up.

Whereas we’re being swept out to sea, the extra we struggle the waves, the quicker we are going to drown. Being swept out to sea is not any enjoyable, however in that second we be taught the reality of surrendering. We be taught the artwork of simply being.

It’s in moments of chaos that, the masks we’ve been sporting soften away, leaving who we actually are.

That’s what Eris tries to encourage. Its power conjures up us to launch the judgments, embrace the chaos of life, and to search out the power to only be ourselves.

Eris and the Solar Journal Prompts

As Eris aligns with the Solar, see for those who can tune into this power.

See if you will discover methods to give up and simply be. See for those who can tune into any discord in your personal life and discover artistic methods to rework it into higher concord.

Eris affords a robust power that may carry radical change, and the necessity to make a dramatic transition in our lives. Eris is taken into account a planet of upper consciousness and awakening, so it may well additionally instigate religious awakenings and darkish evening of the soul kind power.

  • The place can I embrace my female warrior?
  • How can I lean into change?
  • How can I get up for myself?
  • How can I enable myself to be seen?
  • What fears stop me from being my true, genuine self
  • How can I face any discord in my life with confidence?

Use this power to step up into your energy, to belief your instincts extra and to take daring motion if it’s referred to as for.



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