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Intuitive Astrology: Venus Mars Conjunction February 2024

Intuitive Astrology: Venus Mars Conjunction February 2024


Venus and Mars will align within the sky on February 23, 2024, within the signal of Aquarius, shining down creativity, harmonizing imbalances, and activating soulmate contracts.

Venus is the Goddess of Love, and Mars is the Fearless Warrior. Whereas they conjunct on February 23, we’re going to really feel the merging of those two energies for a couple of week on both facet of this date.

When Venus and Mars come collectively, we expertise a rebirth of their energies and a brand new awakening of each the female and masculine rules inside us.

This awakening goes to assist us shift our attitudes towards our sexuality, {our relationships}, and the female and masculine energies inside.

With the Eclipses this yr in Aries and Libra, this union of Venus and Mars may kickstart the teachings and development we’re destined to maneuver by way of below the signal of partnership (Libra) and the signal of independence (Aries).

Understanding Venus

Venus represents sacred female power. This power lives inside all of us and all of nature. It’s represented by wavy strains, ocean waves, and the method of flowing. It’s that intuitive whisper, that tear trickling down the cheek, that open coronary heart, and the wanderer’s journey. It’s a cool breeze, the sound of rain, the Moon, and the darkish night time sky.

In Astrology, Venus is the planet of affection, concord, cash, and sweetness. Its power evokes us to attach with our interior Goddess, fan our inventive flames, create wealth, and encompass ourselves with magnificence.

Understanding Mars

Mars represents sacred masculine power. This power additionally lives with all of us and all of nature. It’s represented by straight strains, sturdy floor, and the method of taking motion. It’s our rational thoughts, the flexibility to talk our reality, and the soundness and safety we have to survive this 3D world. It’s the heat Solar, the brilliant blue sky, and the sensation of accomplishment as we shut our eyes on the finish of the day.

In Astrology, Mars is taken into account the planet of motion, motivation, and fearlessness. Its power evokes us to forge forward, to push previous our fears, and to search out our interior confidence and energy.

As Venus and Mars come collectively, how will you create extra stability between the energies that they provide?

If you’re trying to create extra stability in your life between Venus and Mars energies, listed here are just a few tips-

Bringing in additional Venus power:

  • Take a yin yoga class
  • Take sluggish, deep breaths
  • Follow listening to your instinct
  • Spend time close to water
  • Cost crystals below the Moon
  • Join with the phases of the Moon
  • Do some heart-opening workouts
  • Follow self-love
  • Make your self really feel stunning
  • Encompass your self with magnificence
  • Spend time meditating in nature
  • Learn, write poetry, or write fantasy tales
  • Eat uncooked meals
  • Replicate and spend time alone
  • Disregard lists resembling these and simply do what you’re feeling

Bringing in additional Mars power:

  • Do energy coaching, aerobics, or one other vigorous type of train
  • Journal or write letters to get what’s in your thoughts out on paper
  • Set plans and make targets
  • Do some grounding workouts
  • Cost crystals below the Solar
  • Spend time climbing or being energetic in nature
  • Assert your self or put your self on the market
  • Conquer your fears
  • Meditate because the solar rises
  • Do puzzles or different phrase video games
  • Eat heat, spicy meals
  • Spend time with pals
  • Undertake a “can do” angle
  • Seek the advice of lists resembling these

The final time Venus and Mars aligned was again in March 2022. You’ll be able to look again to this time to see how your attitudes round love, relationships, and fearlessness have advanced and the way the qualities of masculine and female energies inside you’ve got remodeled.

Predictions for Venus and Mars 2024

Venus and Mars coming collectively in Aquarius can spark a rising must change into extra genuine and true to ourselves, particularly in {our relationships}. We could really feel like we are able to not stay for others or tackle the expectations of others.

Listed here are just a few different potential manifestations to look out for:

  • We could encounter a soulmate or twin flame.
  • We could create a brand new relationship with somebody.
  • We could expertise religious awakenings which are impressed or triggered by the relationships in our lives or an opportunity encounter.
  • We could expertise a rising must stability our sense of independence in {our relationships}.
  • A larger authenticity is required in {our relationships}.
  • We could finish relationships which are not serving us or that we’ve outgrown.
  • Somebody vital could exit our lives as a sign that it’s time for us to begin a brand new chapter.
  • We could acquire insights or affirmation on the soulmates or twin flames in our lives.
  • Soulmate or twin flame wounds could emerge for therapeutic.
  • Extra soulmates and twin flames will awaken and arrive on Earth.
  • The definition of soulmates and twin flames may evolve, and new insights on these particular souls could come ahead.

Venus and Mars coming collectively is a uncommon deal with and a time of unity. It’s just like the sperm fertilizing the egg, the 2 cosmic lovers coming in for that fated first kiss; it’s the image for the yin and yang of the Universe.

Use this power to search out your stability, creativity, and motivation. Use it to remind your self that you just, too, are a toddler of the Universe and related to all that’s round you.



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