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Sin and God’s Mercy – Ignatian Spirituality

Sin and God’s Mercy – Ignatian Spirituality


An Ignatian Prayer Adventure online retreat

This put up is predicated on Week Three of An Ignatian Prayer Journey.

The First Week of the Religious Workouts is a consideration of sin and God’s mercy. The truth is, as Kevin O’Brien, SJ, explains:

It ought to in all probability go the opposite method round, the place primarily it’s an expertise of God’s mercy, of God’s love for us. That’s the context through which we take into account sin in our world and sin in our life, as a result of extra unique than sin is grace, unique grace, which we all know surpasses all sin and conquers all sin, and so it’s a celebration of that grace.

Fr. Kevin O’Brien, SJ, introduces the First Week within the video under. O’Brien is the creator of The Ignatian Journey: Experiencing the Religious Workouts of Saint Ignatius in Each day Life and Seeing with the Coronary heart: A Information to Navigating Life’s Adventures.



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