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Steiner & the Blood Demons

Steiner & the Blood Demons


Jason Heppenstall, New Daybreak
Waking Instances

Is the human race underneath non secular assault? And did the esoteric thinker and clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner warn about it over a century in the past when he stated a ‘vaccine’ can be the supply system for the defeat of humanity?

For a lot of, the overly-authoritarian response by governments worldwide to COVID-19 pointed to some deeper, extra sinister driving drive. However it hasn’t simply been the governments that appeared to be performing unusual. During the last two years, we’ve witnessed individuals throughout a broad spectrum of society meekly undergo draconian assaults on their freedoms, many even fiercely defending the assault. In the identical means, we’ve seen politicians and events who as soon as ran on platforms of non-public freedom and financial autonomy virtually in a single day flip into overbearing management freaks, intent on micromanaging each side of our lives. How has this occurred?

Not too long ago, the time period ‘mass formation psychosis’ has been on all people’s lips. It’s outlined as a psychological phenomenon whereby a mass of individuals voluntarily undergo a means of deindividuation, and a herd mentality varieties. As a result of their contagious nature, the thoughtforms affecting these deindividuated individuals, catalysed by the optimistic suggestions loops of stories programmes, social media and peer interplay, unfold like wildfire all through the inhabitants. Previously, this was referred to as mob psychology, or extra plainly, the insanity of crowds.

Psychology: from Science to the Occult

Somebody for whom the occasions of the previous couple of years wouldn’t have been so shocking was the Austrian esoteric thinker and mystic Rudolf Steiner, who died virtually a century in the past. All through his life, Steiner wrote quite a few books and delivered 1000’s of lectures on his theories, contributing vastly to various spheres from structure to training and agriculture to beekeeping. His extremely distinctive – and typically controversial – insights and strategies led to the founding of the non secular motion referred to as Anthroposophy, which emphasises the existence of a boundless potential for human beings.

Not like some esoteric thinkers, Steiner noticed the good significance of materialistic science however argued that it was important to see it as solely a single side of actuality which ought to ideally be mixed with what he referred to as ‘non secular science’ – gained by mystical expertise – with a view to current the total image. In spite of everything, breakthroughs usually happen when scientists obtain insights from past the fabric realm, as within the well-known case of James Watson, credited with the invention of the double helix form of DNA which got here to him in a dream that includes two intertwined serpents. Equally, Dmitri Mendeleev created the periodic desk after a dream of “… a desk the place all the weather fell into place as required.” These instances go to indicate that not all scientific discoveries are the results of logical deduction and experimentation.

The truth is, Steiner, who had been on the receiving finish of mystical insights since childhood, honed his clairvoyant abilities to such an extent that the data he obtained from non-conventional sources grew to become greater than the occasional flash of perception. His quest grew to become the institution of strategies for acquiring goal extrasensory notion – a process he thought of of paramount significance, for he believed an epic battle was being fought within the non secular realm that may have disastrous penalties for humankind until it was addressed head-on.

Spirits of Darkness

His clearest warnings concerning the future destiny of humanity got here in a collection of lectures delivered in the direction of the tip of his life in Dornach, Switzerland; these lectures are reproduced within the ebook The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness. Though Steiner’s detractors say his prose could be leaden, his lectures meandering, and his ideas troublesome to know, he’s remarkably clear and simple with regards to the destiny that awaits humanity if our obsession with scientific materialism is allowed to reign free with out being pulled again into stability by the counterbalancing forces of spirituality.

That is most clearly illustrated within the last two lectures within the collection – 13 and 14 – that are respectively titled The Fallen Spirits’ Affect within the World and Into the Future. Steiner posits that an unseen battle came about within the early 19th century which sure ‘spirits of darkness’ misplaced. These spirits have been duly ejected from their heavenly realms and solid down right into a extra materials airplane of existence, i.e. right here. He’s remarkably exact about when this occurred: autumn 1879.

These newly arrived spirits joined those that have been already right here – those which were current alongside and influencing humanity for the reason that mythological occasions related to the Fall. Provided that it takes time for these malign spirits to work their means by means of human societies, it wasn’t till 1914 that their malign affect manifested in human society within the type of the First World Struggle – a disastrous occasion the reason for which nonetheless puzzles secular historians.

Lucifer and Ahriman – the Leaders of the Pack

The spirits Ahriman and Lucifer have been hacking humanity for 1000’s of years, says Steiner, with Lucifer being the ‘mild bringer’ intent on making us extra non secular and granting us extra free will, and Ahriman doing the alternative and making us extra materialistic and simpler to regulate. In simplistic phrases, Lucifer is an ascending affect, whereas Ahriman is a descending one.

Steiner’s carving of the face of Ahriman

Why ought to they wish to do that? Effectively, we simply don’t know – it’s troublesome for our human minds to determine what makes angels and demons tick. However each time there’s a kind of periodic battles within the spirit world, Steiner stated, it tends to end in a brand new batch of reinforcements being thrown down into the fabric realm to affix forces with these already right here.

Steiner informed us that Ahriman – a demon first recognized by the Zoroastrians in historical Persia – has the higher hand proper now. He had a private beef with Ahriman and had seen his face in imaginative and prescient – in reality, he was nonetheless carving a likeness of it out of wooden on the time of his dying. Ahriman’s predominant goal appears to be to tug humankind right into a purely materialistic state devoid of any type of spirituality, eradicating even the impulse to attach with our souls. The strategy of assault can be by means of science and know-how, and by taking possession of the minds of highly effective and influential individuals with a view to push by means of this agenda. These managed individuals may very well be scientists, politicians, non secular leaders, or anybody with any affect. Thus, demonic forces would work by means of these individuals, and the individuals themselves, blinded by all-too-human failings corresponding to greed or a lust for energy, would lack the essential consciousness to recognise what was occurring.

A New Faith for a New Age

The background to this energy seize was the rise of atheism and the worship of science and progress. Now, we now have a scenario through which a purely materialist perspective is introduced because the solely clarification for all creation. Atheism has turn out to be a de facto faith for some, whereas the wealthy traditions of native spirituality have been side-lined and crushed underneath its heel. Individuals, animals and all life is regarded in the identical chilly method; merely receptacles of proteins and genetic code that may be exploited. The endgame of this play is introduced as a bleak, monochrome world expunged of spirit and light-weight, the place people – their minds and spirits damaged – are herded collectively and monitored like lab animals.

We will see how this state of affairs is being expedited. The CEOs of tech firms are considered virtually as saints or Bodhisattvas, dangling the carrot of everlasting life within the type of importing the ‘information’ contained inside our brains onto microchips. On the identical time, politicians, company scientists, civil servants and economists are considered technocratic engineers tasked with making certain the sleek functioning of the juggernaut of the fabric financial system. Free will? The implicit assumption is that this can be pointless as soon as the AI-powered algorithms – which know us higher than we do – attain escape velocity. At this stage, human life would don’t have any intrinsic worth, and the shells of our former selves can be occupied by the demonic military that Steiner warned us was ready for its second.

  • Within the Blood

    Some individuals say that Rudolf Steiner predicted a vaccine would seem which might be the supply system for the ultimate defeat of humankind. In mild of the clandestine efforts made over the past two years to inject virtually all people on the planet with a gene-editing remedy, his prescience appears outstanding – however how true is it?

    Amazingly, Steiner was remarkably clear (by his personal requirements) concerning the bodily course of by which this takeover would happen. In his last lecture in The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, he states that the non secular world the place entities corresponding to angels, demons, and archangels dwell is inside the human blood. He meant this fairly actually, saying:

    “Each the Archangels and the Angels had their dwelling place within the blood, because it have been. Actually, the blood shouldn’t be one thing merely for chemists to analyse; additionally it is the dwelling place of entities from larger worlds.”

    To that finish, he speculated that the supply mechanism can be within the type of a vaccine injected immediately into our our bodies.

    “Right this moment [in 1917] our bodies are vaccinated in opposition to one factor and one other; in future, youngsters can be vaccinated with a substance which it is going to definitely be attainable to provide, and this may make them immune in order that they don’t develop silly inclinations linked with non secular life – ‘silly’ right here, in fact, within the eyes of the materialists.”

    This ‘vaccine’, he goes on to say, would block off any communication from the spirit world, which means no messages or impulses would be capable to get by means of from the ‘spirits of sunshine’ whose goal is at all times to assist humanity progress and fulfil our future. The vaccine would completely lock out optimistic impulses which have been as soon as transmitted to us, and as an alternative the hapless victims would solely be capable to obtain the impulses coming to them from disruptive sources, which we will think about as we speak would possibly embody the media, the training system and even established faith. He says there can be nice confusion, and Ahrimanic forces will flip individuals’s ideas the other way up and inside out. Every thing that after was good and wise will seem evil and loopy, whereas the whole lot that was as soon as thought of insane and evil can be introduced as wise and good.

    Squid Video games: From Wetiko to The Matrix

    Does this sound implausible, the ramblings of a long-dead mystic? Many will little question say that it does and that there are extra earthly and believable explanations for the psychic epidemic that has gripped the world. Maybe Steiner was talking metaphorically, in any case, some might cause. However, the phenomenon to which Steiner alluded bears placing similarities to the Native American idea of wetiko. The writer Paul Levy has written extensively about this, defining it as “a contagious psychospiritual illness of the soul, a parasite of the thoughts that’s at the moment being acted out en masse on the world stage by way of a collective psychosis of titanic proportions.”

    Listening to a current Legalise Freedom podcast entitled ‘COVID-19: Struggle on Humanity’, Emma Farrell, a plant healer who makes use of shamanic strategies to entry inside realms, noticed that she and others in the identical subject had seen a veritable horde of non secular parasitic entities connected to individuals over the past two years – as if a floodgate had been opened and so they had poured by means of it. These entities, she says, are available in all styles and sizes, however there are two quite common and recognisable ones, one among which is squid-like. These squid-like beings, she says, connect themselves to unprotected individuals and harvest their non secular power by inflicting division and discord amongst us.

    ABOVE:  Promotional graphic depicts the squid-like robotic which seems within the 2003 movie The Matrix Revolutions.   TOP:  Netflix’s hit collection of 2021, Squid Sport, is a grim and violent survival thriller that posits human nature as intrinsically barbaric.

    This struck me as fascinating as we’ve seen this squid archetype transfer into human consciousness over the previous few years, not least changing into obvious by means of in style tradition. Many individuals have reported having desires of octopus or squid-like creatures, and artists corresponding to Peter Yankowski have painted footage of those visions. Certainly, the villainous machines that management people and harvest their energies within the Matrix motion pictures appear to be robotic squids, whereas one of many prime Netflix collection of 2021 was Squid Sport, a grim and violent survival thriller that posits human nature as intrinsically barbaric. What’s extra, the resurgence in reputation of H.P. Lovecraft’s supernatural tales of horrors from the deep provides one other tentacled layer to this rugose cake.

    And let’s not overlook when Goldman Sachs, one of many world’s largest funding banks, was memorably described by Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi as a “nice vampire squid wrapped across the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into something that smells like cash.” The outline is apt; in any case, what’s the objective of an funding financial institution aside from to show each side of the sacred world right into a monetised asset that may be traded, exploited and leveraged?

    The Path Again to Sanity

    Might this manifestation of a squid/octopus archetype into human consciousness be what Steiner warned us about? Are there actually non secular entities inside our blood that would account for billionaire technocrats’ obsession with injecting substances into us which might be stated to comprise nanoparticles we all know little or no about? And the way does this sit with the psychospiritual illness of wetiko outlined by Paul Levy and the idea of ‘mass formation psychosis’ being mentioned in different media?

    Maybe the reality lies someplace within the nexus of those ideas, with the implicit suggestion that we should always not relaxation in our deep enquiry into the style of the affliction that’s at the moment so prevalent internationally. Solely by doing so can we hope to search out the required instruments and weapons for combating again in opposition to it.

    Or perhaps the Ahrimanic demons that Steiner warned us about, the wetiko thoughts parasites Paul Levy writes of, and the tentacled entities which have squirmed into our collective consciousness by way of in style tradition, are all enjoying on the identical group. If that’s the case, what does our group appear to be? And the way will we win this recreation? Maybe the struggle is a needed one at this juncture in human improvement, and that by defeating these ‘spirits of darkness’ we will progress to the next degree.

    Regardless of the case, referring again to the previous adage alluded to earlier… individuals, it’s stated, would possibly go mad in crowds, however the path again to sanity occurs one particular person at a time.

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