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The Battle In opposition to Bewitchment: Upsetting Settled Minds

The Battle In opposition to Bewitchment: Upsetting Settled Minds


Gary Z McGee, Contributor
Waking Occasions

“Philosophical pondering that doesn’t do violence to 1’s settled thoughts isn’t any philosophical pondering in any respect.” ~Rebecca Goldstein

Consolation zones are a curious factor. So heat and safe. So protected and reassuring. So satisfying and sure. Beliefs have the same impact on us. Particularly the core beliefs that we take as a right. However beliefs are consolation zones with bolstered invulnerability; or, a minimum of, the phantasm of it.

Such reinforcements are like jail bars that the majority of us should not even conscious of. We’re so fully indoctrinated, so totally pre-programmed, that we don’t even know that we don’t know that we’ve been conditioned to blindly imagine in one thing just because sufficient folks satisfied us it was true.

The issue with bolstered consolation zones is that there is no such thing as a development. An everyday consolation zone, you possibly can stretch. A bolstered consolation zone, you’re normally not even conscious it must be stretched. An everyday consolation zone permits for trial and error, it permits for questioning, and so there may be a minimum of potential for self-improvement and self-overcoming. However a bolstered consolation zone doesn’t permit for trial and error. It doesn’t permit for “blasphemous” questioning, as a result of it’s taken as a right as already good or “merely the way in which it’s.”

Common consolation zones will be wholesome, giving us a protected haven, a spot the place we will heal and lick our wounds. However bolstered consolation zones are pointless security nets primarily based upon concern (of God, the Unknown, Loss of life) placation, and self-pity. It’s a spot the place cognitive dissonance guidelines and any notion of trying to suppose outdoors the field is met with: You merely must place confidence in the “field”.

The Battle In opposition to Bewitchment:

Philosophy is a battle in opposition to the bewitchment of our intelligence by the use of language.” ~Ludwig Wittgenstein

Self-Inflicted Philosophy is on the forefront of the battle in opposition to bewitchment. Self-inflicted philosophy is about upsetting settled minds. It’s about toppling the bolstered consolation zones of blind perception. It’s about flattening the “field” that everybody talks an enormous recreation about pondering outdoors of however when it actually comes right down to it, they cling to the “field” out of concern of the unknown or out of religion in what they imagine they know.

Foremost, self-inflicted philosophy is about questioning the self to the nth diploma by means of self-interrogation. However you possibly can solely get to this point in such questioning earlier than you’re met with the bolstered consolation zone of a blind perception. So, self-inflicted philosophy can be about questioning the layer-upon-layer of cultural, political, and spiritual indoctrination that led to that bolstered consolation zone to start with.

Whenever you don the cloak of a self-inflicted thinker, no perception, irrespective of how true it could appear, is off the hook for being questioned with ruthless skepticism and unwavering circumspection. Within the battle in opposition to bewitchment, the destruction of a perception, irrespective of how highly effective, is mere collateral injury to the Occam’s razor of common fact. Hell, even “common fact” shouldn’t be past questioning.

Whenever you don the cloak of a self-inflicted thinker, the idea of perception is nixed out of your interpretation of the universe. There isn’t any place for perception right here, solely thought, solely deep inquiry, solely imaginative curiosity. You exchange all utilization of “perception” or “imagine” with “thought” or “suppose”. You don’t imagine that you just actually exist, you “suppose” that you just “in all probability” exist. However you possibly can be fallacious. So that you stay circumspect, for even your interpretation of your individual existence might be an phantasm, irrespective of how “true” it could really feel.

  • There might be those that will say, “You might be merely believing that you just don’t imagine.” However that’s patently false, as a result of you aren’t “believing” in non-belief, you’re “pondering/inquiring/imagining” by means of non-belief, with the understanding, the pliability that your pondering “may” be fallacious. And that’s the rub: it’s a lot simpler to change a thought than a perception. It’s nearly not possible to change a perception. You usually tend to query a thought than you’re a perception. And so, somewhat than get trapped in a bolstered consolation zone, you keep forward of the curve by pondering somewhat than believing, after which by questioning what you suppose so that you just don’t by chance start to imagine it.

    Within the spirit of upsetting settled minds, you don’t imagine in having an unsettled thoughts, you suppose that having an unsettled thoughts is extra productive, extra progressive, and extra open-minded than having a settled thoughts (an unquestioning perception). You understand that perception generally is counterproductive, since you perceive that the human thoughts is a delusion-generator somewhat than a truth-generator. It pumps out delusions like a spider pumps out webs. However, in contrast to the spider, it tends to get caught in them. Thereby, you perceive that the one window to fact is thru a questioning, circumspect, and a skeptical mindset, somewhat than by means of an unquestioning, dogmatic, and sure mindset.

    The one resolution to a delusion-generator is a question-generator. Fortunately, the human mind is each. As a self-inflicted thinker, you don’t imagine that that is actually true; somewhat, you suppose that that is in all probability true. And also you’re prepared to query every little thing to “show” it. Certainly, you’ve reworked Descartes’ “I believe due to this fact I’m” into I believe, due to this fact I query.

    Tapping into the question-generator:

    “It is much better to know the universe because it actually is than to persist in delusion, nonetheless satisfying and reassuring.” ~Carl Sagan

    The issue with the human mind is that’s by no means is aware of when it has been duped by a delusion, so it’s nearly all the time higher to not imagine something simply in case it’s a delusion. A type of reverse Pascal’s Wager. It’s nearly all the time higher to, as Aristotle urged, “entertain a thought with out accepting it.” Simply take all of it into consideration and let it go by means of the sieve of chance. Then, no matter doesn’t insult your soul, give it some thought, dissect it, inquire about it. Be interested in it. Simply don’t make the error of believing it.

    You usually tend to grasp the universe “because it actually is” by questioning it than by believing it. You don’t imagine the universe is actually a sure method; somewhat, you suppose the universe could also be a sure method, however you’re prepared to query additional in order to get you nearer to the way in which the universe “actually is”. In the event you cling to a specific perception of how the universe is, then you definately block your self from ever getting nearer to the universe “because it actually is.” Higher to easily not have a perception within the first place. Higher to easily suppose and maintain the motor working on the question-generator in order to maintain the delusion-generator in test.

    The alternative of perception is neither disbelief nor doubt, however readability of a thought. With out beliefs reinforcing the consolation zone, you’re liberated to stretch it. You might be clear sufficient to suppose outdoors it, you’re brave sufficient to query it. When the reinforcements fall away, the consolation zone turns into a sacred somewhat than stagnant place. It’s free to develop by means of self-improvement somewhat than stay caught in self-reassurance. Certainly, with out beliefs cluttering the mindset, you’re lastly in a position to drop the “set” and transfer into “thoughts.”

    Freed from the “mindset” of a settled thoughts, you progress into the mindfulness of a questioning thoughts. You change into a strolling, speaking, question-generator, in a position to constantly counter-balance the delusion-generator of the human situation. You’re forward of the curve, browsing Aslam’s Infinite Circle on the surfboard of Occam’s razor. In absolute awe over the gorgeous unfolding of an in the end unknowable universe. On the sting of your individual curiosity, questioning all “solutions” countering all beliefs, elusive of all delusions. You’re a self-inflicted thinker, and never even God is protected out of your ruthless inquiry.

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    Gary ‘Z’ McGeea former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned thinker, is the creator of Birthday Go well with of God and The Trying Glass Man. His works are impressed by the nice philosophers of the ages and his unsleeping view of the trendy world.

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