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What The Bleep Is An Infinite Being?

What The Bleep Is An Infinite Being?


What the BLEEP is an “Infinite Being”? And, why does it even matter?

Within the courses I facilitate we regularly ask individuals to acknowledge that they’re an infinite being…however what does that truly imply in your life?

Infinite means…..all the pieces! The entire universe!

I do know, it’s not an idea that we are able to truly completely comprehend, however the willingness to interact with this risk can contribute a lot.

So, how will we use it? Watch the video under, to start to dive in! 

Some Extra Info To Get You Going!
Acknowledging that you’re, certainly, an infinite being will begin to expose the locations the place you’re limiting your decisions and what you’ll be able to create in your life.

An infinite being:

– wouldn’t come to conclusion

– wouldn’t restrict the probabilities out there

– wouldn’t be restricted to simply the scale of your physique

– has the power to be in communion with each molecule of the universe

What if oneness could possibly be a dwelling, waking, respiratory expertise of the world?

If we’re going to be the infinite beings we actually are, it opens the door for us to dwell past the need of judgment, of proper and flawed, past the need of want or separation.

Functioning increasingly as an infinite being offers us entry to an area of being alive that features miraculousness.  On this area we don’t exclude potentialities primarily based on our conclusions and factors of view.

How does that sound?

Right here’s a fantastic query you can begin to play with straight away in any state of affairs the place you’re questioning what else could possibly be potential:

“Would an infinite being select this?”

If the reply is “no”, you then’ve uncovered a spot the place you’re selecting primarily based on a conclusion or standpoint – how cool is that?!

This journey of consciousness is continuous! Maintain exploring and maintain enjoying!

Hope you loved this meals for thought….or slightly, meals for potentialities video. 😉

P.S. Did you hear some bizarre phrases on this video? That’s the Entry Consciousness Clearing Assertion!  You may be taught all about it right here: https://www.theclearingstatement.com



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